Line Interactive UPS

   ESS Series-LED indicator

                      Line Interactive UPS

                         ESS-LCD Display

Product Description

Key Features

  1. Toroidal transformer design for high efficiency and low static power consumption
  2. Output with short-circuit protection settings, do not have to worry about damage to the machine because of misuse.
  3.  Output voltage, battery voltage section number, charging current adjustable
  4. with battery over-discharge protection, battery over-charge protection
  5.  CPU design, computer interface, with self-detection function.
  6. With three-level lightning protection, all-weather protection of your equipment
  7. Multi-function alarm
  8. Super filter function, easy to solve the interference
 Our Eccosaver ESS Series UPS series have two types, standard machine with built-in Batteries (Model suffix with “K”) and long run machine (Model suffix with “S”).
 For example, HBF-3KS, “HBF” means ecosaver HBF Series, “3K” stands for 3KVA, Suffix “S” means logn run machine without batteries.
 ✅ Standard UPS is with the built-in backup batteries which allows you to save/back up your data and shut down your sensitive electronic devices safely and/or avoid downtime altogether.
 However, the typical backup time is about 5 to 15 minutes, so it cannot withstand a prolonged power outage. The UPS should be used for safe shutdown of the system and as a connection until the generator starts up.
 👍 Long run effective UPS provides you with extended backup time from 30 mins to 4 hours or longer, long run models are connected with optional External Battery Cabinet (EBC).

ESS Eco LED indicator Specification

ESS LCD Display Specification

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