Elitech Cold Box Mate Datalogger RC-5/5+/5+ TE

Elitech RC-5 + USB temperature recorder, automatically generates PD reports. It can access more quickly any data collected during the cold chain management process. This may be medicines, foods, life sciences, incubators, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezer cabinets or laboratories.
For faster data analysis on any Elitech USB data logger, you can export data in PDF/Excel format via Elitech software.
For convenience and reliability, Elitech USB temperature data logger supports Via button, immediate start, timing start, support for multiple start and stop, support replaceable batteries, optional external probe, optional mounting bracket, protection Rating (IP67).
Its rugged, compact design satisfies the dynamic needs of any sensitive storage and transportation system. It records the real-time temperature stored in non-volatile memory for access via the USB port. It has 0.1°C resolution and ±0.5°C accuracy.

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