RCW-360 PLUS series-Real Time Temp and Humidity Monitoring with GPS Tracker

  • Compact size, fashionable appearance, magnetic card tray design, easy installation
  • Large TFT color screen display, rich in content
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery enables long-time real-time data upload after power failure
  • Built-in sound-light alarm device can realize local alarm
  • GPS positioning allows real-time tracking of the equipment location
  • Bluetooth printing function enables data printing and recording on site
  • illumination intensity sensing function enables detection of the door up/close status to realize automatic screen-on/off
  • Multiple probe types available 

This product is a wireless Internet of Things monitor, providing such functions as real-time monitoring, alarm,data recording, data uploading, large screen display,etc,of temperature and humidity at monitoring points. Together with the “Elitech iCold” platform and APP, it can realize functions such as remote data viewing, historical data query, remote alarm push,equipment CPS positioning, etc. It is widely used in food, medicine, catering,international warehousing and logistics industries.

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