Masterguard PF Series Power Frequency UPS

3 in and 3 out, double conversion,7 inch touchscreen
Advantages of Power Frequency UPS:
  1. Stable Power Output:
    Ensures a constant output frequency (50 or 60 Hz), vital for sensitive equipment.
  2. Compatibility:
    Ideal for devices requiring specific power frequencies, such as medical and laboratory equipment.
  3. Seamless Transition:
    Swiftly switches to battery power during outages, preventing disruptions.
  4. Frequency and Voltage Regulation:
    Regulates both frequency and voltage, safeguarding against fluctuations.
  5. Harmonic Distortion Reduction:
    Minimizes harmonic distortion, enhancing performance and reliability.


Key Features

1. Advanced Technical Performance

  • Using multiple DSP MCU, CPLD full number division control technology the system operation speed is fast, the control precision is high 
  • Output power factor of 0.8, can be applied with inductive, capacitive and other mixed load
  • Output zero conversion time 
  • Digital current sharing technology, minimal circulation, high parallel reliability
  • Super output overload and short circuit capability
  • Intelligent battery management system, with uniform floating charge automatic conversion charging technology, regular self-check function, extend battery life

2. Friendly human-machine interface

  • 7 inch touch color screen; Chinese/English optional LCD display interface design;
  •  Rich UPS operating data, historical event records and fault status records display easy to fault analysis and traceability;
  •  Various communication monitoring schemes, equipped with RS232/RS485 serial communication, dry contact communication interface, real-time monitoring with intelligent monitoring software

3. Comprehensive protection function

  • Boot self-diagnosis function
  • Ac input over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, phase sequence error protectionBus over voltage protection; Output overload/short circuit protection; Inverter, rectifier over temperature; Battery under voltage warning; Comprehensive alarm and protection functions such as overcharge protection ensure the stability and reliability of the system operation
  • Multistage fuse and circuit breaker combined protection to avoid the expansion of the accident in the case of abnormal short circuit
  • The EPO emergency shutdown button on the panel is used to shut down the ups incase of emergency (such as fire or flood). The EPO button is equipped with a transparent protection cover to prevent mis-operation.

4.Strong environmental adaptability

  • Optional dust-proof component desian, improve lP level. can be applied to harshindustrial environment multi-level protection;
  • Mains input voltage range of (380Va/ 400Vac/415Vac)+25%, more suitable for harsgrid environment;
  • The inverter output supplies power to the load through the isolation transformer
    which has the characteristics of strong anti-load impact ability.

5.High reliability

  • Each functional unit circuit works independently and adopts redundantauxiliary power supply desian to effectively improve the reliability of system operation
  • Allow three-phase load 100% unbalanced, strong load adaptability
  • Built-in manual maintenance bvpass desian can still provide uninterruptedpower supply to the load during maintenance, improving reliability andmaintainabilitv
  • With parallel redundancy N+X desian function, can be directly parallel(optional):
  • Can realize series hot backup function to provide svstem stability

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