Reliable Power Protection with Masterguard High-Frequency Online UPS


Why Choose Masterguard?

🔌 Unparalleled Reliability: Count on us for a dependable power source in any situation.
💡 Advanced Power Management: Maintain efficiency and protect your equipment.
🌐 Worldwide Presence: We’re trusted by businesses around the globe.
🛡️ Peace of Mind: Safeguard your operations against unexpected power disruptions.
Our Masterguard High Frequency Online UPS series have two types, standard machine with built-in Batteries (Model suffix with “S”) and long run machine (Model suffix with “L”).
For example, MGS-3KS, “MG” means MasterGuard Series, “3K” stands for 3KVA, Suffix “S” means Standard Machine with built-in Batteries.
Standard UPS is with the built-in backup batteries which allows you to save/back up your data and shut down your sensitive electronic devices safely and/or avoid downtime altogether.
However, the typical backup time is about 5 to 15 minutes, so it cannot withstand a prolonged power outage. The UPS should be used for safe shutdown of the system and as a connection until the generator starts up.
Long run effective UPS provides you with extended backup time from 30 mins to 4 hours or longer, long run models are connected with optional External Battery Cabinet (EBC).

Key Features:

  • True Double Conversion
  • Microprocessed control to ensure high reliability
  •  Built-in power factor correction
  • Wide input Voltage range (110-300V) 
  • High efficiency frequency conversion mode
  • ECO mode provides energy-saving effect (limited to 1-3K Models)
  • Compatible with generator
  • Long-term charging current up to 6A
  • SNMP card can monitor perfectly along with USB and port RS232
  • Simple operation control through integrated LCD display 
  • Isolation Transformer is optional
  • RS485 smart card is optional to achieve remote monitoring via email, SMS, web portal and APP.

Technical Specification

Optional Accessory- RS485 Smart Modbus Card

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