Masterguard Series Online UPS with Isolation Transformer 1-10KVA


Advantages of Online UPS with Isolation Transformer
  1. 1. Isolation: Provides galvanic isolation for clean power.
  2. 2. Voltage Regulation: Maintains stable output voltage.
  3. 3. Noise Reduction: Minimizes interference for sensitive equipment.
  4. 4. Power Quality: Improves overall power quality with reduced distortion.
In essence, it delivers clean, stable power, protects sensitive equipment, and ensures reliability, making it ideal for critical applications.

Key Features

1. True double-conversiononline UPS
2. Output power factor 0.9
3. Transtormergalvanic insulated
4. Extendable Run Time
5. Mutiple communication ports
6. Optional SNMP& Relay card
7. 50/60 Hz frequency converter mode
8. Emergency power EPO Function
9. Output THDv<3%
10. Output voltage regulation<2%
1 1 .Autosell testing system
12. Wide input voltage range(110v-300v)
13. Fan speed control
14. ECO mode operation for energy saving

Technical Specification

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