Refrigerated High Speed Benchtop Lab Centrifuge


Key Features:
  1. RFID and 3 axis gyroscope design
  2. Bushless motors for durability, lower maintenance requirements, and smoother operation.
  3. Ease of cleaning to prevent cross-contamination between different samples.
  4.  User-friendly functions, LED and LCD touch screen to facilitate the operations
  5. Electronic lid-lock mechanisms,imbalance detection, and emergency braking systems to ensure the well-being of users and prevent accidents.

Product Description

Key Features

Automatic Rotor Identification by RFID

  1. Automatic rotor identification,no need for user to chooserotor.
  2. Static identification. Just put in the rotor, don’t need to runthe test.
  3. Over-speed prevention. User cannot set RPM/RCF over therotor’s limit,double safe.

Imbalance sensor: Three axis gyroscope

  1. Detect imbalance in the whole operation process
  2. Adjust imbalance point automatically.
  3. Automatic stop when reach imbalance point.4. Imbalance detection is more accurate.


User-friendly functions


  • up to 1000 user-defined programs, with password protection
  • up to 1000 run histories
  • up to 40 rates acceleration and deceleration,speed downs
  • Curvely slowly from 500rpm to 0 rpm to prevent samplesshake
  • up to 5 stages multi-stage centrifugation mode available
  • up to 99h59m59s timer range, 1s increment
  • 2 timekeeping modes: count up, count down
  • Curve display—Speed curve,RCF curve and Temperature curve are displayed together,clear to see their changing and relations

Ensure Safety

  • Electronic door lock,controlled by independent motor.
  • Emergency lid-lock release
  • Lid can only be opened when completely stop running.
  • RFID Automatic rotor identification
  • imbalance detection by three axis gyroscope gas hinges to prevent door failing

Reliable Components

  • Motor: brushless motor—stable running,maintenance free,long life.
  • Housing: Thick and strong steel
  • Chamber: Food grade 316 stainless steel— anticorrosion and easy to clean
  • Available Rotors: Aluminium alloy fixed angle rotor.Stainless steel swing out Rotor.




  • Imported compressor unit
  • -20°C to +40°C,1°C increment
  • ±1°C high temperature accuracy
  • CFC-free refrigerant
  • PID dynamic temperature control
  • Temperature sensor inside the chamber
  • Starts refrigeration when power on
  • Maintains refrigeration after spin
  • With ECO energy-saving module

Available Rotors

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