SVC Series-LED Type Display

1 Phase and 3 Phase Auto AC Voltage Stabilizer

500VA~ 60KVA


Comparing with pointer type display AVR,LED display has below advantages

👍 Clear Monitoring: LED display provides real-time and clear voltage monitoring, allowing users to easily assess power status.
⚡️ Immediate Feedback: Instant visual feedback on voltage levels 
😊 User-Friendly Interface: LED displays making it easy for both professionals and non-experts to monitor and manage power conditions.
✅ Enhanced Troubleshooting: The visual interface aids in identifying and troubleshooting power issues promptly
💯 Convenient Operation: LED displays offer a straightforward way to interact with the AVR system, improving overall user experience.

Product Description

Key Features

• Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
• Wide input voltage range
• Time delay function eliminates transients that can affect connected equipment
• Provide stable output voltage
• Provide under-voltage, over-voltage, over-heat and over current protection
• Provide surge and spike suppression


Model Selection 

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