Ventilated Low Speed Mini Benchtop Centrifuge


Key Features:
  1. Compact design and easy to handle
  2. Adjustable run time, 1s-99m59s
  3. 800pm to highest rpm is adjustable
  4. Automatically stop spinning when lid is open
  5. BLDC motor drive, stable and low noise
  6. Can stop spin in 3 seconds, saving experiment time
  7. Three-in-one rotor:8×1.5/2ml +6×0.5ml+ 2×8×0.2ml no need to change rotor
  8. Optional rotor for 6 PCR strips

Product Description

User-friendly functions:
• Digital Display.
• Closed-loop control, real-time speed measurement, high speed accuracy.
• Adjustable acceleration time to adapt to different experiments.
• Timer range:1s to 99min59s.
• Electronic brake function, stop within 3 seconds, saving experiment time.
• AC100-240V wide range power input,can adapt to different environments
• Speed 800rpm to the highest speed is adjustable.
Good components:
• Motor: BLDC Motor—stable running,maintenance free,low noise: ≤57dB(A)
• Housing: High-strength engineering plastics.
• Rotor: 3 in 1 rotor (8*1.5/2ml+6*0.5ml+2*8*0.2ml), no need to replace the rotor.
Ensure Safety:
• Door cover protection: Automatically open the door when stop.
• Transparent lid for operation checking.

Technical Datasheet

Max Speed6000r/min7500r/min10000r/min
Max RCF2200Xg3450Xg6100Xg
RotorThree in one rotor:8×1.5/2ml+6×0.5ml+2x8x0.2ml; Rotor for 6 PCR strip(Mini-6K/7K)
Timer Range1s~99 min59S
Power SupplyAC 100-240V  50HZ/60HZ

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