Ventilated Low Speed Floorstanding Centrifuge
FL Series Centrifuge


Key Features:
  1. Multiple Capacities and compact design to save the space
  2. Bushless motors for durability, lower maintenance requirements, and smoother operation.
  3. Ease of cleaning to prevent cross-contamination between different samples.
  4.  User-friendly functions,LED and LCD touch screen to facilitate the operations
  5. Electronic lid-lock mechanisms,imbalance detection, and emergency braking systems to ensure the well-being of users and prevent accidents.
  6. Rotors: Aluminium alloy fixed angle rotor.Stainless steel swing out rotor.

Product Description



User-friendly functions


  • 12 user-defined programs
  • 40 rates acceleration and deceleration
  • 1min to 99h59m timer range
  • LCD&LED screen show parameters simply and clearly
  • Water-proof touch key pad,each parameter has corresponding button to set
  • RCF can be set directly. RPM/RCF convert automatically
  • User can reset parameters when rotor is spinning

Ensure Safety

• Electronic door lock,controlled by independent motor.
• Emergency lid-lock release
• Lid can only be opened when completely stop running.

• Gas hinges to prevent door falling

• Port in the lid for calibration and operation checking.

• lmbalance detection by three axis gyroscope

Reliable Components

• Motor: brushless motor—stable running,maintenance free,long life.
• Housing: Thick and strong steel
• Chamber: Food grade 304 stainless steel— anticorrosion and easy to clean
• Available Rotors: Stainless steel swing out Rotor.

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